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Copper Bonded Rod

Copper Bonded Rod

Our Copper Bonded Earth Rods are tested strict  to meet the highest International quality standards, are approved by Utilities across the world and continue to be popular due to their consistently prime quality  & additionally provide  the installer the foremost cost-efficient suggests that of achieving a low-resistance path to earth (ground).Our Rods are manufactured from high tensile low carbon steel by molecularly bonding 99.9% pure electrolytic copper, these copper bonded rods offer excellent corrosion resistance and and high strength. confirmative in bitter soil conditions as excessive salt/high moisture content.


Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity

Perfectly bonded rod for long-lasting and free from maintenance

Highly Corrosion resistant

Very High Tensile Strength

Optimum Economic Efficiency

Very less space required.

Most economical method of achieving a low earth-resistance.

Worldwide accepted technology.

Suitable for all type of soil condition

Industries trust chemical Earthing:

  • Petrochemical, LNG, and nuclear facilities
  • Data centres, telecom, and broadcasters
  • Process control and automation
  • Corrections, hospitals, and 911 centres
  • Government, military, and defence installations
  • T & D operations, substations, and wind turbines


  • Solar Industry
  • Telecommunication Towers , Transmission & Distribution Systems
  • Substations & Power Generators stations
  • Transformer Neutral Earthing
  • Lightning Arrestor & Diesel generators
  • Equipment Earthing / Electrical machines
  • Computer & Data Processing Centers
  • Manufacturing Facilities & Refineries
  • Food Processing & Water Treatment Plants
  • Oil Refineries & Pump Stations
  • Remote & Central Office Digital Switches
  • Heavy Industries & Residential Buildings
  • Others, where hi-tech earthing is required

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