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Backfill Compound

Backfill Compound

We are engaged in Ground Enhancing compound from superior conductive material that solves your toughest grounding problems. These are formulated by chemical experts at our process unit having an adept knowledge of chemicals. which means that compound has passed various tests like the leaching test, sulfur test, resistivity test and corrosion test.

Ground improving material is a back fill compound that is mixed in the soil around the earth electrode within the sphere of influence of the electrode to increase the effectiveness of the earthing system. The compound being hydroscopic in nature therefore it maintains the moisture level unceasingly throughout seasonal imbalances

The conductive compound creates a conductive zone, which provides the increased surface are for peak current dissipation and also get stable reference point.Adequate galvanization, Highly conductive.No corrosion,preserves moisture for extended duration, diminishes soil resistvjivity, reliefs in dissipation of fault current in a faster means, concurs lightest ohmic charge vacillation


Maintains constant resistance of the ground system

Suitable for installation in both dry form & slurry form.

Compatible with every type of earthing electrodes & soil Conduction

Long shelf life; can be keep for very long periods without deterioration.

Environmental friendly; does not pollute soil or contaminate the groundwater level.

Not dependend on the continual presence of water to maintain its conductivity

It has hygroscopic to retain / maintain the moisture in rocky, stone and sandy area

Maintenance free ,it Doesn't need Periodic Charging Treatment Nor Replacement.

Doesn’t harms to human (non explosive, skin burns, eye irritation, etc)

Non- corrosive there by up the lifetime of the earthing system. doesn't damage the electrode metal in any means.

Increases the whole area of the earthing electrode ensuring fast dissipation of fault currents.

High Conduction, Improves Earth’s Absorbing Power And Humidity Retention Capability


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